“I want to go shopping near the Tokyo station,”
“I want to go to a café with my mom’s friends”
These are just some of the concerns we usually hear that we will surely respond.


with convenient access

WONDER KIDS is the most accessible bilingual school in Japan as it is located within walking distance from 6 stations and 15 train lines, including the major stations, such as Tokyo Station and Kanda Station. The school is open 10 hours a day from 8:00AM to 6:00PM with extended care available until 9:00PM.
The school is ideal not only for supporting office worker parents in Marunouchi, Tokyo, but also for temporary childcare during events, such as dinner, shopping, and events at the International Forum in the Marunouchi area.


Day: Temporary childcare fees and User’s Guide

Age: 3 months to preschool age.

Basic fee 【per child】

  1. ◯ 07:30~09:00 ¥1,800/30mins
  2. ◯ 09:00~18:00 ¥1,400/30mins
  3. ◯ 18:00~21:00 ¥1,800/30mins

【Additional Fees】*Optional
◯Lunch 700yen ◯Snacks breakfast and lunch 500yen each
※tax not yet included

What to Bring

  • ◯ Identification (driver’s license, insurance card, my number card)
  • ◯ Food & Drink (milk, milk bottles, meals, snacks, etc.) *Water for milk is available.
  • ◯ Diapers and change of clothes
  • ◯ Maternal and child health handbook or health certificate for the child

About Reservation

  • ◯ Reservations will be confirmed after the availability confirmation of the facility.
  • ◯ Minimum time: 3hrs *additional fee equal to 30-min will be charged beyond stated minimum time.
  • ◯ We will need about 10 minutes of your time on the day of the meeting, so please include this in your application.
  • ◯ Reservations must be made until 12:00p.m. on the previous business day.
  • ◯ Cancellations received after 12:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the scheduled date will be charged 100% of the total fee for the cancellation and rescheduling.
  • ◯ If you arrive earlier than your reserved time, you will still be charged at your reserved time.
  • ◯ If you do not make a reservation in advance, we may have to decline your request.
  • ◯ If you have any special requests for childcare, please consult with our staff at the time of reservation.
  • ◯ Please take your child's temperature to prevent infection. (We may not be able to accept your child due to illness such as fever or cough.)

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