WONDER KIDS has an open kitchen. Children can touch and smell the food being prepared to develop their interest in food, and at the same time learn “gratitude” by interacting with the cooks. They will also learn about the seasonal tastes, and learn about the origins of food and cook together with the chefs. In addition, they will experience the traditional cuisine of our foreign staff's home countries. The children will enjoy themselves while nurturing a rich sense of humanity.


Allergy Safe

Food allergies have been on the rise in Japan over the past 15 years with many occurring cases, especially on infants under one year of age. For this reason, all meals at WONDER KIDS are served vegan as a countermeasure against allergies. The school believes that “Veganism” is a way of life that is kind to earth, animals and our bodies. Hence, the vegan diet that the school established is composed of only plant-based ingredients and avoids animal products as much as possible. Furthermore, the ingredients used in every meal supplement protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and zinc, which are nutrients that are often lacking in vegan cuisine, and at the same time the school provide meals that are appropriate for the growth of the children.
Vegan ingredients that supplement vitamin B12: ·seaweeds such as nori & wakame (dashi soup stock is made using seaweeds such us kombu, which can also supplemen B12)


Monthly Celebration

Each month we celebrate birthdays with an organic cake. No eggs, butter, milk, or other animal products are used to make the cake. Soy, almond or coconut milk is used as an alternative to cow's milk.


Homegrown vegetables

Children will deepen their knowledge of the shape of vegetables and how they grow by actually growing them in planters and harvesting them. This program also helps children become attached to vegetables through self-production and self-consumption, and helps them overcome their dislike of vegetables. At WONDER KIDS, we value the time they spend enjoying eating and sharing meals with friends and staff through a series of food-related experiences, such as vegetable harvesting and seminars. Through these experiences, they also learn good eating manners.

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