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Choice Theory Psychology & Montessori

WONDER KIDS offers childcare incorporating Choice Theory Psychology and Montessori Education. We believe that a person’s personality is established due to both genetic factors and environmental factors. By adapting to this method, we will work closely with parents and guardians, and collaborate with nursery staff and specialists in various fields to help develop children’s personalities by placing importance on their individuality.


“Choice Theory Psychology” is a study of psychology that believes almost all behavior are chosen. Thus, we aim to support and guide children to think for themselves and make their own choices about their lives.
According to the choice theory, only you can choose your own behavior and others cannot make this choice for you. When problems arise, they are resolved by accepting and negotiating with the other party. This results in good relationships.
In that case, “choice theory psychology” can be beneficial in how we relate to children and in building relationships between the teachers and/or staff.
Through education based on choice theory, we help children develop a sense of self-esteem, that they are wonderful and irreplaceable, nurture their zest for life and encourage them to become independent.
We help children to fully reach their potential, build their accomplishments and, step out into society.


WONDER KIDS uses the Montessori method of teaching to properly understand the spontaneity of the child's attempts to do things on their own; provide a free environment, watch over the child, and provide developmentally appropriate support and education. Through the accumulation of various activities, we will nurture a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, concentration, motivation, cooperation, and social skills, as well as an understanding of numbers, language, culture, etc. We will help them grow into healthy and well-balanced individuals who are independent in their thinking and considerate of others.

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